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Why Reynard?

Ok so a long time ago in fact in 1963 I was out in the countryside with my labrador called Trigger when we came across a tiny red fox cub trapped under a hedge so I reached in and freed him from the brambles that were wrapped around him.

I estimate the little red fox was probably only about three to four weeks old and I searched around to find an earth that he may have come from, but I could find nothing anywhere near where I found him and decided I would have to take him home and feed him which I did for about another four weeks I fed him on puppy food and gradually onto dog food until I knew he was big enough to survive in the wild, during this time I named him Reynard, he was very wild and would try to bite me whenever I got near to him, but I did not want him to lose wild instincts so I kept him always at a distance.

Finally I took him back into the countryside and released him, he initially ran for about 50 yards and then sat down looking towards me for probably about five minutes until I waved my arms and shouted run away and have a good life, he then disappeared into the distance and I never saw him again.

Then about 50 years later, I awoke early one morning, and both of my eyes had filled with blood which destroyed my retinea and rendered me blind.

As you can imagine, at the age of 64, I was devastated, but fortunately, during my life, I was a member of the armed forces, so The Blind Veterans Association came to my rescue and taught me how to live as a blind person.

During my rehabilitation, they taught me to touch type using sound on my computer and as many of you will know, part of that process is to type one sentence which is “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” and that sentence contains all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Well, the rest is history because I turned the quick brown fox into a red fox called Reynard and I tell a story of survival against all odds in a habitat that is hell-bent on being destroyed by the human race over generations of abuse to our countryside.

The plain fact at this moment in time I strongly believe that we are facing extinction and now the only thing we can do is hope that our children and grandchildren can reverse what we have done to planet Earth because failing that we are doomed as an entity on this planet.

You may or may not agree with me, but the distance between the surface of the earth and the outer atmosphere has been massively reduced because of the amount of Ilands built out to sea by various countries plus the amount of shipping and oil rigs placed upon our oceans all around the world, so my theory is that if every vessel in the world were removed from the waters and placed back onto land, then sea levels around the world would drop by at least 200 feet meaning that our polar ice caps would no longer be getting washed away and would begin to freeze up again and this, in turn, would change weather conditions around the world to more favourable conditions and help to cool down our planet.

Secondly, if we stopped the use of all jet aircraft in the entire world from taking off it would take away billions of tons of pollution being added to our atmosphere daily allowing nature to return our planet back to how it was 1000 years ago.

That is my pipe dream but we know this will never happen without a massive shift in the ways that all populations on planet Earth live their lives and get back to basics so, for instance, we do not need to take holidays in other countries, we do not need tourism, we do not need massive imports of cars and luxury items from other countries, we do not need to be wearing the latest fashion accessories and I could go on for hours about this subject, but in reality, most people are aware and currently choose to ignore it providing they are ok.

I will stop bleating now!
So now back to my book that I have written with a storyline for our younger generation but with some emphasis on wildlife and habitat and pointing out some of the failings of the human race in protecting our natural environment.

The survival of Reynard

#The survival of Reynard
perhaps we are all blind

My book above can be found on Amazon, Waterstones, Ingram Sparks and many more popular outlets worldwide.

I have published it in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle to fit the needs of everyone and I hope that you all find it both enjoyable and interesting to read, I also hope that it helps drive our younger generations to take a long hard look at our natural environment and work toward finding new and inventive ways to protect it.


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